Whew! The epic challenge that was the Good Winds Bike Tour, from Switzerland to Denmark, now pedaled and done.

Hello my friends! I have made it back home to Andalucía, where of course the training for the Good Winds Bike Tour all began. I can scarcely believe that after all this preparation and hard work, the greatest physical challenge of my life so far is wrapped.

It was truly an amazing trip. As I rolled all the way north from Basel to Flensburg, I was moved by the long open fields, the bright and bold rivers and canals, the straight and the windy roads of beautiful Germany. At the same time, I was swept away by the participation and encouragement of cycling enthusiasts, fans of my songs, my co-riders, the show hosts, our endorsing companies and friendly citizens from around the world who took the time to cheer me on.

And now, as I auction off the Diamant bike that I rode on the Good Winds Bike Tour, I am still glowing from the positive energy that was generated. I know that this ride, and the precious moments I had along the paths of Deutschland, will remain with me for the rest of my life.

There are so many people to thank for the success of the trip! Starting with the lead organizers (Torsten Rudolph & Tobse Pfaff) and the living room show hosts (Gabi & Leon, Guggi & Hanna, Anne & Stefan, Ivi & Collin, Steve & Cindy, Willy and Uwe & Anette), I also want to thank my brave co-riders (Stefan, Ella, Torsten, Sandra, Bernd, Jan & Katrin, Maik, Sascha, Martina and Gisa), the friends and fans who brought the living room shows into existence (Gudrun, Pixi, Torsten, Sandra, Ines & Matthias, Wolfram & Marina and Ines), the blog translators (Micha, Daniel, Tammo, Tanja, Sascha, Bernd, Gisa and Armin), the friendly bike shops that serviced the Diamant (Sven & Martin at Fahrrad Am Bächle, Huck at Fahrrad Selbsthilfe Werkstatt Magdeburg, and David and Willi at Zweiradperle Hamburg), the people who put me up for the night along the way, or otherwise helped the tour to make sense (Jörg & Betti, Stefan & Deborah, Karl-Otto & Gabi, Marco Pereira, Nicole Lippert, Michael & Susanne, Kat, Maria & Werner Preiss, Sandra Volkmann, Peter, Falko, Christel Schulz, Sylvia & Shari, Anne and Maylinn & Tim), and finally our official Good Winds Bike Tour sponsors (Diamant Bikes, Mainstream MSX, Yo! Clothing, Ketterer Bier, Neumanns Eis, Kellerklang Live, Hornberger Lebensquell and Las Comadres).

Please take a moment to revisit the tour with me, by reading the daily entries from the bike tour on my blog, by watching the Video Del Día series on YouTube of daily videos from the road (links below!), or by checking out pictures and news on my homepage,

Meanwhile-- act fast if you would like to own this beautiful Diamant bike! The eBay auction will close on Saturday, August 27th at 9am.

Thank you once again for coming along this summer on this terrific adventure across fabulous Deutschland! I encourage you also to pick a spot on the map that excites you, make your plan... and go out and enjoy it. Don't wait!

Alles gute, from Morgan

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 5.29.40 PM.jpg

Click through to watch the highlights from each day of the Good Winds Bike Tour!

Video Del Día #1: Setting Up The Bike

Video Del Día #2: Learning the Tent

Video Del Día #3: Got Bike, Had Jam

Video Del Día #4: Basel to Freiburg

Video Del Día #5: Freiburg to Kehl

Video Del Día #6: Kehl to Karlsruhe

Video Del Día #7: Karlsruhe to Heilbronn

Video Del Día #8: Heilbronn to Rot am See

Video Del Día #9: Rot am See to Rothenburg

Video Del Día #10: Rothenburg to Bechhofen

Video Del Día #11: Bechhofen to Nürnburg

Video Del Día #12: Nürnburg to Reichenschwand

Video Del Día #13: Reichenschwand to Bayreuth

Video Del Día #14: Bayreuth to Hof

Video Del Día #15: Hof to Linda

Video Del Día #16: Linda to Glauchau

Video Del Día #17: Glauchau to Chemnitz

Video Del Día #18: Chemnitz to Dresden

Video Del Día #19: Dresden to Torgau

Video Del Día #20: Torgau to Dessau

Video Del Día #21: Dessau to Magdeburg

Video Del Día #22: Off day in Magdeburg

Video Del Día #23: Magdeburg to Gardelegen

Video Del Día #24: Gardelegen to Uelzen

Video Del Día #25: Uelzen to Bullenhausen

Video Del Día #26: Bullenhausen to Hamburg

Video Del Día #27: Hamburg to Bordesholm

Video Del Día #28: Bordesholm to Schleswig

Video Del Día #29: Schleswig to Flensburg

Video Del Día #30: Flensburg and the Road Home


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